Romance Blossoms for Seniors During Quarantine

For the Gallos, they found each other before the coronavirus hit, but it wasn’t until February 2020 when they spent time together at St. James’s Mardi Gras party that things changed. “After that party, it was as if it had to be that we were together,” said Ms. Gallo, who took her husband’s name. Also after that party, the pandemic hit. But that didn’t stop them from getting to know each other. In fact, it may have helped. Throughout the past year, as restrictions have kept people apart, limited activities and closed cafeterias, they’ve spent as much time together as possible. “We made sure we could spend the same amount of time together and didn’t hide it from anybody, we held hands and sat close to each other, but we did wear masks,” she said.

They were married Aug. 5, 2020.

“We decided because of our age and how we felt, we would get married soon here at St. James, by their chaplain,” Ms. Gallo said. “We couldn’t have family but we had one resident who was my maid of honor and one resident who was his best man. Of course we had all the social distancing and masks. But it worked out beautifully. It was a beautiful day, we had no problems.”

Their children (six total) were disappointed they couldn’t attend the nuptials, but Ms. Gallo said, “they understood that we didn’t want to wait.”

The Gallos contracted Covid-19 in December, “it was mild and we both came out of it really good,” she said. “He took care of me when I needed help, I took care of him when he needed help. There wasn’t a moment I wasn’t right there for him, and he was always there for me.” Ms. Gallo said attitude is key to surviving quarantine, and it’s clear in the way she looks at her experience. “I think it did bring us closer together.”

Now, she said, “there’s no doubt that being with Sam has definitely made the lockdowns and all not so bad.”

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